Cégismertető - Company

Our Company profile’s for business development in the pharmaceutical industry and the real estate market.
In the pharmaceutical industry we have more than 10 years of experience in the marketing of RX and OTC products.
The company undertakes

  • representation full supply of domestic and foreign partners,
  • complex distribution business insurance, including import complete organization and management
  • Budapest-based storage secure base,
  • in Hungarian wholesalers to meet the needs flexible inventory management and shipping insurance,
  • full-scale marketing and promotional services to provide physicians and pharmacists, professional events and convention appearances organization.

Our strengths are flexibility, rapid decision-making, a professionally trained and experienced sales network of wholesale distributors, doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, pharmacies towards.
Commercialization rights to obtain the exclusive distributor in Hungary, later in neighboring countries.
The real estate market in our utilization of existing and new projects dealing with the organization.